Bring-A-Friend-Day at The Life Church

Sunday, September 16th was Bring-A-Friend-Day at church. Every week at the end of our services, we have everyone pray for a person they know who needs Jesus in their lives. Everyone knows someone. Well, this past Sunday we encouraged everyone to invite that person they pray for every week. And people did bring their friends to church – we had our second highest attendance ever! Greg started a great series on the life of David and we saw 57 people make decisions for Jesus!

After church, we had a free lunch for everyone and a great time of hanging out together. Days like these help to not only bring new people to church, but also encourage our members to actively invite people to church. The majority of people who come to church and have their hearts and lives changed by Jesus come from an invitation from a relative or friend. At it takes an average of SEVEN invites before someone will actually attend. Don’t give up inviting friends and family members to church!

A funny – well, not so much at the time – thing happened on the way to church. Greg stopped at the convenience store in our neighborhood, but when he got back in the car it wouldn’t start. Thankfully it is not far from the house, so he walked back  and we were all able to take the other car to church. After church, we tried to jump the battery in the car to no avail, so we slowly pulled Greg’s SUV with the little Sentra back to the house. Monday morning, we had our mechanic come to look at it and, of course, it started! We sent it off to the shop anyway to look for a short that might have caused it. So far, they still haven’t located the problem. Just reminds me that we have an enemy who is trying to disrupt and disturb everything that we are doing. No coincidence that it happened on such a big day at church. But greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world!

One thought on “Bring-A-Friend-Day at The Life Church”

  1. I am so very proud of both of you and happy, happy about your news about the new baby on the way. Love you both even tho I have not met Kristen and the children, but Gayle forwards your emails and I feel I know you all.
    God is awesome…
    Greg, I see both your Mother and Father in your children.. They are beautiful.

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