Hope Lunch Continues to Grow

Two weeks ago we were so excited to have 68 ladies at our Hope Lunch. It was our highest attendance on just a regular Thursday (not a Pamper Day or special party). BUT then this past Thursday, we stood in amazement as the ladies continued to come and fill up our tables – a total attendance of 83 ladies!! Ladies are obviously enjoying the lunch and inviting their friends. We had 21 first time guests this past Thursday!

Kristin is teaching through¬†Battlefield of the Mind¬†by Joyce Meyer. It’s an incredible book if you’ve not read it. The principles taught in this book can bring one’s thought life under control and totally change a life! So much of our life is influenced by our thoughts. Our thoughts influence our attitude, our attitude influences our behavior and our behavior influences our actions. If we want to stop a destructive habit, we must first stop it in our minds. We cannot have a positive life with negative thoughts.

The ladies have really responded so well to the message in this book. Many even take notes during the teaching time. It’s a great book that brings hope to their lives that they can change. With Jesus’ help, nothing is impossible!

One thought on “Hope Lunch Continues to Grow”

  1. I’m absolutely awed by what God is doing @ our Hope Lunch.Every Thursday are being tronsormed minds are being renewed by the power of His Word.Glory to God in the Highest!!

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